Red Lentils 500g


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Red Lentils also known as Masoor Dal. One of the most popular lentils, and quick & easy to cook. Lentils are the perfect high-protein, high-fibre food that soak up any flavour you add to them! Lentils are incredibly versatile & easy to cook. They should be a staple food in your pantry.
Great in salads, soups, stews, side dishes, but they also work well pureed (great for thickening sauces). Remember to use a large enough saucepan as these lentils will double in size.
To cook simply rinse the lentils first to remove any natural dust or debris. Fill a pan with 3 cups of liquid/stock to 1 cup of lentils – the lentils will double in size so use a large enough saucepan. Boil and cover, reducing the heat to a simmer and then cook until tender (10-15 mins).


Red Lentils
Warning: May contain traces of nuts, sesame, mustard, gluten & celery.
Suitable For: Vegetarian, Vegan


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