O’Food Gochujang Korean BBQ Marinade 840g


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Also known as ‘Gochujang Bulgogi Sauce’, Gochujang Korean BBQ Marinade with it’s blend of gochujang, adds a mildly spicy flavour to marinated meats. Ideal for pork but it also goes great with other meat.


Chili sauce 36%(Tapioca syrup, Water, Brown rice, Red pepper powder, Salt, Alcohol, SOYBEAN, Garlic, Onion), Sugar, Water, Red pepper seasoning(Red pepper powder, Salt, Garlic, Onion), Salt, Yeast extract, Alcohol, Garlic, Yeast powder(Yeast extract, Dextrin), Modified corn starch, Ginger, Flavour enhancer(E627, E631), Colour(E160c), Black pepper powder, Acidity regulator(E330), Oleoresin paprika, Thickener(E415)


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