Nutmeg Whole


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Whole nutmeg a warm, rich & intensely aromatic spice! A must ingredient for mulled wine, eggnog & punches.
Usually associated with sweet, spicy pies, puddings, custards, cookies & cakes but it also goes well in soufflés & sauces. It complements egg dishes & vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, aubergine, carrots, potato & spinach. Use to season risotto’s, homemade sausages & burgers. Nutmeg really enhances the flavour of meaty sauces such as chilli or Bolognese.
For the best results, grate your nutmeg as you need it!


Nutmeg Whole
Warning: May contain traces of nuts, mustard, gluten & celery.
Suitable For: Vegetarian, Vegan


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