Hing (Asafoetida) 50g


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Asafoetida also known as Hing is often used in Indian cooking, primarily in vegetarian dishes to flavour beans, lentils & vegetables. This spice has a pungent aroma & taste but, it mellows out during cooking & imparts a strong garlicky-onion flavour to your dish. This spice also works well with fish, grains, red meats & vegetables like cauliflower. Add to curries, pickles, relishes & chutneys.
To get the most out of your asafoetida, take a pinch & fry it in ghee, clarified butter, or oil for a few seconds to mellow the flavour & aroma before adding it to your dishes.
Asafoetida should be stored in an air-tight container to prevent its pungent aroma contaminating other herbs & spices.


Asafoetida Gum, Fenugreek
Warning: May contain traces of nuts, mustard, gluten & celery.
Suitable For: Vegetarian, Vegan


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