Grill Team Beech Wood Chips 500g


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BBQ chips are great for adding those delicious unique smoky flavours to your food! Grill Teams Beech Wood chips will impart a delicate, slightly nutty and smoky flavour to your food. Beech compliments poultry, pork and fish. These chips are all natural and come in handy resealable bags.

Beech wood chips can be used dry or soaked in water for 10 to 30 minutes. They can be used in a smoker box, tinfoil packet with holes or direct onto the coals for a smoky hit. Instead of soaking these chips in water before use, why not be adventurous and try soaking them indifferent liquid flavours like some pineapple or other fruit juices, wine or even your favourite beer or cider!


Beech wood chips


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