Dried Arbol Chilli 40g


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Arbol chillies are very hot with a Scoville Heat Unit of around 30,000. They have a slightly nutty flavour with a subtle touch of smokiness. They are also known as ‘Pico de Pajaro’ or Bird Beak Chillies in Mexico, the name describes the shape of the chilli.
These hot & spicy chillies are great in chili, hot sauce, salsa, tacos, stir fry, Thai curry & soups. They are also perfect for crushing & sprinkling over pizza. You can also put a few in a bottle of oil to give a great flavour to the oil.


Whole dried Arbol Chilies
Suitable For:Vegetarian, Vegan
Warning; May contain traces of nuts, mustard, gluten & celery.


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