Bibigo Ssam-Jang Soybean paste 500g


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Brand: Bibigo

Product Type: Pastes , Table sauces & Condiments



Ssamjang is a seasoned fermented Korean sauce. It is a key condiment in ssambap, Korean vegetable wrap. Often used as a dip or topping for barbecued lettuce wraps or vegetables. It is made from a cultured soybean base doenjang, chilli paste, fresh garlic, onions, spring onions, and sesame oil.


Soybean paste 56% (Water, Soybean, Wheat flour, Salt, Wheat, Malt), Maltose syrup, Wheat flour, Water, Sugar, Cooking rice wine, Salt, Onion, Wheat, Red pepper powder, Shiitake mushroom extract, Garlic extract, Sesame seed, Soybean powder, Garlic, Red pepper paste, Glucose, Koji (Contains Barley)


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